I'm a graphic designer and digital artist based in New York City. 

Hey, I’m Jean [jēn], a graphic designer and digital artist based in New York City. I grew up during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop when listening to mixtapes was a common pastime. It was also during these years that graphic design was making a more graceful and exciting transition into the digital medium. I was always fascinated by the creative ways in which designers would tackle the classic jewel case packaging. There were so many possibilities! This ever-growing interest in cover art led me to work with well-known DJ’s to design their mixtape covers. Doing so gave me the opportunity to see my work printed and taking on a new life in the tangible world. I fell in love with print design. Soon I was designing for different artists in the entertainment industry. A love for print was further established while working at printing companies where I learned what goes on behind the scenes, and where I had the opportunity to contribute to design in a different way. As a result of all the experience I gained throughout the past 20 years, today I’m a practiced and versatile designer focused on creating distinct visual identities and brand images through collaborations with businesses and performers. I hope we can collaborate, too, and take part in creating what future generations would recognize as design in the early decades of the 21st century!

In my spare time, I like to express myself by working on an illustration, writing and singing songs or producing a beat.